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Quick Overview

Endlessly floating through space, trying to find your way back home… this is the story of ADR1FT, a famous Indie game in which you play as a lost astronaut trying to survive.

  • Developers:  Three One Zero
  • Publishers: 505 Games
  • Initial release date: 2016
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4
  • License: Commercial


ADR1FT (read as Adrift) is a first-person adventure genre game available in single-player mode. ADR1FT was initially released in March 2016 by the developer Three One Zero. Published by 505 games, directed and written by Adam Orth along with creators Omar Aziz, and produced by Matteo Marsala, ADR1FT is available fir Microsoft Windows and Playstation 4, but was canceled development for Xbox One. The game can be experienced through the Virtual Reality Headsets Oculus Rift, PlayStation Morpheus, and HTC Vive.


The story line’s premise revolves around an astronaut regaining her consciousness with no memory, floating in zero gravity through the debris of a destroyed space station named North Star Four with her spacesuit damaged and leaking oxygen. The game is set in the future, in the year 2037 exactly, and the main character to be played is Commander Alex Oshima. It follows a linear narrative with a semi open-world environment. Developers of the game initially hinted on having the game updated to a full open world structure which was hindered because of the small team size and time constraints. The player’s goal is to survive and ultimately to return home.


ADR1FT’s gameplay is structured through solving puzzles done throughout the five distinct areas of the wreckage assumed as the five different levels of the game. Players can explore the environment, although with limitations, by floating through spaceship debris, oxygen canisters, and other materials found in the spaceship. Through exploration, the player will be able to discover materials such as audio logs each running for around 30 seconds and emails which will help in expanding the story line’s events. The player will also be able to meet perished crew members allowing her to discover facts about them. Such as about Commander Alex Oshima, and about the tragic events which led to her situation.

Commander Alex Oshima’s goal is to survive yet her spacesuit is failing. The player must collect oxygen canisters or find recharge stations while roaming around the wreckage. However, as the story unfolds and the player becomes more familiar with their environment, oxygen ceases to be an immediate need. Oxygen leakage happens over time and more prominently with large movements and crashing into walls which leads to EVA damage. Repair missions are given to the player to fix the station and the escape shuttle. Additionally, the player must try to bring back the communication systems online, which contributes to the game’s main objective: to finally reach the safety of Earth. In certain areas of the game, large obstructions are present that could damage the protagonist’s spacesuit massively. Thus it is also the player’s goal to repair Commander Alex Oshima’s damaged EVA suit using the repair stations found in some areas near the character.

No sequels have been expected of the game as Adam Orth, head of Three One Zero, has left the developing group to work with VR startup First Contact mentioning that the game and the group “has run its course.” However, VR games developed by Orth will be expected from First Contact with one already in the works: ROM Extraction.


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