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Age of Empires II: The Conquerors

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Play a real-time strategy game. It challenges both unskilled and pro players to fight an all-out war with new civilization, units, and technologies. The game features an in-depth campaign with emphases on the world’s best-known conquerors including Attila the Hun and Montezuma.

  • Developers: Ensemble Studios
  • Publishers: Microsoft
  • Initial release date: August 24, 2000
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh.
  • License: Commercial

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The Conquerors is the first expansion pack for the Age of Empires II series and also the fourth installation for the entire Age of Empires series. This real-time strategy game was developed by Ensemble Studios. This game is based on historical civilizations from different parts of the world. The player chooses one of the many civilizations and levels up through the different ages.

This expansion makes a few fun changes to the game. For one, there are five new civilizations that the player can choose from: the Aztecs, Mayans, Spanish, Huns, and Koreans. The game features 4 additional campaigns: Attila the Hun’s rise to power, Montezuma against attacks by Hernan Cortes. The adventures of El Cid, and Battles of the Conquerors. Battles of the Conquerors is a campaign that lets players take part in real historical battles. Some of these battles include the Battle of Agincourt, the Saga of Erik the Red, and the Battle of Hastings. More changes to the game are the addition of 26 new technologies which aid in enhancing items, militiamen, etc. Some of these items include herbal medicines that heal garrisoned units four times faster, a thumb ring which allows archers to fire quickly and with 100% accuracy, and others. Micromanaging is made simpler in this version of the game because Villagers now automatically gather resources if there is a resource gather site. Other minor changes were made to the mechanics of the game, resource requirements, and to slightly strengthen weapons.

This version of the game also contains three new game modes: Defend the Wonder, King of the Hill, and Wonder Race. In Defend the Wonder, the player must guard their wonder. A wonder is a civilian building that can be built once the player reaches the Imperial Age. In this game mode, other players can attack the wonder, so it should be in a defendable spot. The wonder must be guarded for 200 years (about 5 minutes in real time) to win. By placing castles and towers, this will help protect the wonder and achieve victory. The second game mode, King of the Hill, has the player capture a monument. The player must use take their army and capture the monument in the center of town for 550 years which is about nine minutes to win. To also help gain the monument the player should build military structures in the area for a stronger defense. The third new game mode is Wonder Race. Wonder Race consists of two players racing to build their Wonder before the other. In order to quickly get to building a Wonder, the player must gain a strong economy and gather a lot of resources. This allows the player to move their civilization swiftly through the Ages and reach the Imperial Age, in order to build the Wonder. Also, the choice of civilization plays a part in achieving victory over your opponent, for some civilizations have an advantage over others.

With Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, expect even more hours of fun with enhanced and new gameplay.

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