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Agents of Mayhem

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Quick Overview

Engage in a battle to stop an evil organization and their super-villian leader and his plan to take over the world.

Developers: Volition

Publishers: Deep Silver

Initial release date: August 15, 2017

Platforms: Playstation 4, xbox one, Microsoft Windows

License: Commercial


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Agents of Mayhem is an action and adventure game set in an open world environment, in development by Volition studios, and published by Deep Silver studios for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, and is set for release on these platforms on August 15 in North America and August 18 in Europe, both in the year of 2017. Agents of Mayhem is set in the fictional universe of the Saints Row series of video games and is considered a game in the series itself.

Agents of Mayhem puts the player in control of a character from a third-person perspective like in the previous games, with the game itself being set in the fictional representation of Seoul, South Korea, and is dubbed as “the city of tomorrow”. Dwelling away from the standard third-person action-adventure crowd, however, the game offers twelve “agents” to choose from, out of which three can be selected with which to complete missions. Players much choose these three agents very carefully because each agent has a varying style of gameplay, which might or might not suit a particular type of player. For example, an agent called Hardshack utilizes shotguns, and so is ideal for players to charge up close to deal heavy damage, while another agent called Hollywood utilizes assault rifles, and so is the ideal choice for players to like dealing little damage in the numbers from a distance or behind a cover. The three players chosen can be switched at any time depending on the player’s wish, and it’s up to them to explore various combinations of their abilities and overcome their weaknesses by playing as a one-man team.

Agents of Mayhem has a mechanic where dealing damage against opponents and causing destruction, in general, will cause a special bar to fill up from the accumulation of points, and when the bar is filled, a special ability called the Mayhem is unlocked, which varies from agent to agent and greatly aids them in combat in various forms.

Agents of Mayhem features a campaign mode where a story is unraveled by completing missions in order, like the standard campaign format of other open world games. Aside from the main campaign missions there are also unlock missions, missions designed especially in a way that will unlock more agents than the 12 for the players to experiment with, as well as personal missions, which are missions regarding the characters themselves and will delve into their personalities and their backstories. Completing any of the said missions will grant characters with experience points that provide them with new gadgets, mods, customizations and so on.

Agents of Mayhem is a content-filled game with so much to do and explore. Careful consideration has been put into each of the characters so that each one is distinguishably different. Each agent has a different reaction to events in the game. Players can come back and play again with different agents, hence considerably expanding their replay and gameplay value by up to 4 times if they wish so. Using the latest graphics and gameplay mechanics, Agents of Mayhem is a game that sets to stand out from the rest of the crowd.


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