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Quick Overview

Enter a dark world, where a group of evil corporations have taken over the world’s major cities. It is time for the cute population to rise up in rebellion! Lead your fellow rioters, grab whatever you find in the streets and unleash the happy wrath of the people!

  • Developers: Anarteam
  • Publishers: Anarteam, Plug In Digital
  • Initial release date: 12 Jul, 2016
  • Platforms:Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Live Arcade.
  • License: Commercial.

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Anarcute is a riot simulator video game developed by Anarteam and released on July 12th, 2016. The game is available for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. The game comes packed with catchy art and unique crowd-beat ’em all gameplay.

The story is set in a dark time where a group of evil corporations has taken over all major cities in the world. The corporations are controlling the media, they have brainwashed the police, and are now running the lives of their citizens from their skyscrapers.

To make matters worse, the evil corporations own the brainwash patrol and they are not afraid to use their top of the line equipment to stop the rioters from completing the objectives. They are equipped with electric turrets, helicopters, lasers, mortars, spider robots, and plenty of different traps that will stand in rioter’s way. The player has to come up with clever strategies to take down the brainwash patrol in order to lose the least amount of rioters.

The player is tasked to take control of a crowd of cute critter rioters and fight the evil corporations that took over the cities and restore peace. Once the player starts the game, he is coupled with a small group of critters that move as a single unit and is ready to wreak havoc in the cities.

Every city is a playground to the rioters. They can destroy fire hydrants, phone booths, cars, bikes, trash cans, even use objects from the city as projectiles. Once the player has gathered enough rioters, he can destroy a whole building and make it collapse to the ground.

There is a total of five different cities that have a unique visual and audio environment. The rioters are tasked to destroy all the mind control towers in each city and get rid of the enemy’s presence. The player can explore every corner of the city in order to acquire more critters and customize his riot crowd to his taste. Acquiring more rioters unlocks different abilities that the player can use.

At the very beginning, the rioters are equipped with a dash ability that is helpful for getting out of trouble quick. After a short period of time, a new ability called stomp becomes available. The stomp ability sends out a shockwave that stuns any enemies in range. Once the rioters get doubled in size they can knock down a whole building which is great for dealing with snipers or dumping falling debris on the brainwash patrol on the other side. As the player gets more and more rioters, he will get infinite projectiles.

Despite its cute critters, catchy art, and great music, Anarcute provides quite a challenge if you want to get the S rank on every map. The game never hides the fact that you play with a mob of critter rioters who are tearing apart every city that they land in, and that’s the beauty of it.


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