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Quick Overview

In Arma 2, you will experience a world where wild creatures roam the atmospheric forests while the people try to live out their lives among the war-torn streets. Make strategic use of the map to command multiple squads.

  • Developers: Bohemia Interactive
  • Publishers:  Bohemia Interactive
  • Initial release date: 17 June 2009
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows
  • License: Commercial

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ARMA 2 is a sequel to the popular military simulation ARMA: Armed Assault. The game is developed by Bohemia Interactive, the same team that developed the first game. ARMA 2 was released in June 2009 for Microsoft Windows. As of February 2015, the game has sold over 2.3 million copies.

As its predecessor, ARMA 2 is a tactical shooter that requires the player to command AI squad members who add a real-time strategy element to the game. The player can also drive vehicle and participate in aerial combat. ARMA 2 also has a high command system that allows the player to command multiple squads along the map. The game comes with more than 80 realistically represented weapons such as assault rifles, machine guns, and missile launchers, all with realistically simulated ballistics. It also has around 130 vehicles such as civilian cars, bicycles, military vehicles, with limited fuel and realistic weapon load outs. All vehicles can be controlled by the player.

As its prequel, the missions in ARMA 2 shape the outcome of the story. HQ will send down orders to the player, but it is up to him to decide how to tackle the mission. The game gives the player a choice to approach the objective the way he sees fit. He can either call an air strike on the objective and cause a lot of collateral damage, or he can sneak up to the objective while avoiding or dispatching enemy guards. As an added bonus, the game opens up new opportunities and challenges based on the decisions the player has made.

The plot of the game takes place in Eastern Europe, a fictional area of Chernarus to be precise. Chernarus is a dynamic place that is located in an area that is 225 square kilometers. The whole battlefield is scattered across beaches, towns, forests, hills, and farms.

The player takes up a role of the leader of a US Marine Recon squad that is sent to help out in a civil war between Chernarus’s elected leaders, Russian communists, and guerilla groups. Just as the previous game, the player is in charge of the movements of his team. The player can set the squads formation or even the team configuration. Once in combat, the player as a squad leader has to make decisions on the fly to make the squad function properly.

ARMA 2 comes with a great multiplayer where players can build barracks, and buy vehicles and even AI units to help them. The player can embark on a 30-man operation or play with a friend in the co-op campaign.  The game also includes a mission editor so the community can create single-player and multiplayer missions. The missions can be shared and ported across games. ARMA 2 comes with a single-player storyline that takes the ARMA series and war games to new places, while the multiplayer is all you need to get back to the game.


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