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ARMA: Armed Assault

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Quick Overview

By playingthe first Arma game,  you will get the same sensations of participating in a real military operation. While some of the missions can be brutally hard, it is extremely rewarding when you finally find a way to complete them.

  • Developers: Bohemia Interactive
  • Publishers:  505 Games, Atari
  • Initial release date: November 10, 2006
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows.
  • License: Commercial.

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ARMA: Armed Assault is a tactical shooter developed by Bohemia Interactive. The game is a successor to Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis and it was released in late 2006 for Microsoft Windows. Bohemia Interactive completely overhauled the engine from Operation Flashpoint: Cold War and they improved the graphics, physics, and added new units and vehicles.

ARMA: Armed Assault takes place on a fictional island of Sahrani where the player controls a group of US soldiers to train the locals in the art of combat. However, once the island gets invaded by their neighbors, the player is tasked with holding back their army until the backup arrives. The campaign consists of two types of missions, essential and auxiliary. The essential missions are plot-driven and they are required in order for the single player campaign to be finished. The key battles of the conflict can take up to several hours of gameplay to complete, while the auxiliary missions are optional and they take up from 20 to 30 minutes.

The whole campaign takes a linear approach to the story which is not a bad thing. The player has the option to progress through the mission the way he wants. His in-game performance and his choices determine how the storyline progresses. This means that if the player fails to complete an objective, the mission is not failed, but instead, it will affect the outcome of the storyline. This gives the game a high replay value as no two games will be identical.

ARMA is not a typical shooter game. The game doesn’t cast the player as a lone hero who’s capable of single-handedly winning a war. Instead, the player is just another soldier within a squad who needs to work with his AI teammates to fight and outmaneuver the enemies. Most of the time the player is required to use the combined arms of his squad and the easiest way to do that is by issuing commands from the third-person tactical viewpoint.  This allows the missions to be realistic and give a feeling like the player is really participating in a real military operation.

ARMA: Armed Assault also comes with a multiplayer mode that has a “Join in Progress” option. This means that the players can play without waiting, and the number of people allowed in a single multiplayer game is limited by the server’s capability. In multiplayer mode, there are two teams composed of players that battle each other and destroy their armored assets. There is also a mission editor that allows the player to create custom maps for both single player and multiplayer. This feature allows a vast number of possibilities.

ARMA: Armed Assault is a very enjoyable battle simulation for players that want to get as close to the battlefield as possible, without actually being there. If you want a game where you can spend countless hours battling with soldiers, flying helicopters, and driving tanks, then look no further than ARMA.


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