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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate

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Quick Overview

Assassins Creed returns with a brand new title! Play as Jacob Frye, a sort of Robin Hood fighting against the elite for the justice of the poor!

  • Developers: Ubisoft Montreal
  • Publishers: Ubisoft
  • Initial release date:  October 23, 2015
  • Platforms:  Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • License: Commercial

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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate is set in 1868’s Victorian London, where the player assumes the role of an assassin as he fights the every-mischevious and dangerous Templars. The game features numerous side missions and an open world which allows the player to explore a stunning rendition of the English capital that was in the midst of an Industrial Revolution.


The storyline for Syndicate revolves around the two leading (twin) characters, Jacob and Evie, in an extensive and personal tale of two siblings. The Twins’ offer a unique companionship as hours are spent scaling the streets of London with the battle-oriented Jacob and stealthy Evie.


New Game Mechanics

The newest addition to the game has been to remove the option to blend and mix with the crowd. In Syndicate, a “Threat Ring” that is white shows up around one’s character whenever adversaries are within the vicinity. The ring’s marking that surrounds the player demonstrates to one where potential adversaries are – this is very useful when you’re trying to take cover somewhere where the vision of the surroundings is difficult to process. This feature makes stealth considerably simpler and enables gamers to make calculations on whom to assassinate first considering the proximity to where they were and whether they have identified you. At that point of assassination, you can choose a weapon to take out the enemy, be it using explosives or a blade.



A cool new tweak is also the capacity to drive horse-drawn carriages wildly through the streets of London. Syndicate’s modes of transport are moderately simple to deal with. You can likewise do any number of things with these vehicles, including seizing them for simple transport or concealing the bodies of your assassination victims.


Two Key Assassins

Switching between the two characters during missions seems effortless and seamless. Indeed, alternating between the protagonists is important to ensuring the success of your quests. You must play to each of these character’s strengths. Every part of the game’s missions has features for both Jacob and Evie to handle according to their ability. Jacob is typically used for battles that are confined to little space, and he regularly uses explosives and other forms of destruction to wreak havoc. This provides a diversion which Evie can then take advantage of. Evie’s tasks demand a lot more stealth movement – she must move secretively, and cannot draw any attention to her movements. Evie’s tasks are similar to those in other Assassin’s Creed games, as she endeavors to use unbreaking stealth to carry out the Assassin’s order.


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