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Quick Overview

Experience a music-adapting puzzle racer where you use your favorite music to build levels. Each track is unique because it’s generated by analyzing the music that you’ve chosen for that particular track. Bring your favorite songs to life!

  • Developers: Dylan Fitterer
  • Publishers: Valve Corporation
  • Initial release date:  February 15, 2008
  • Platforms:  Microsoft Windows, Zune HD
  • License: Commercial

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Audiosurf is a simple yet addictive rhythm and music game. Instead of playing a simulated instrument, the player is required to use their keyboard or mouse to move a craft on a floating track. The track is in continuous motion. The game’s levels are different and unique from each other since they are generated through analyzing music chosen for that particular level. Music you can use include MP3 or M4A format.

The game’s track is representative of the song playing. For slow sections in a song, there’s a subsequent slow motion of the game’s track. On the other hand, fast songs have a a much faster movement. This makes the game more intense and unpredicatble (unless you know the song, of course).

The game’s objective is to score and accumulate points. They are earned by hitting the various colored blocks filling the different track lanes. The track is set up as a three by seven board in front of you. If you collect three or more blocks of different color blocks when touching each other, they’re consequently regarded as a cluster. The more the blocks in the cluster, the higher the cluster points you get. More points are further gained by having clusters with hot colors. The hot colors include yellow and red and are scarce in the game – they occur when the song is more intense. Each song has a leaderboard for points scored – the player’s goal is to achieve the top spot on each board.

The player can choose between 21 characters which are further divided into three classes. The characters have distinct abilities such as jumping blocks and moving into different lanes. Therefore, you should choose the character that suits your play best with the ultimate aim of increasing your score.

Additionally, you can increase your points by using powerups that are randomly spread throughout the blocks. Power- ups make the next cluster worth more points than its normal value. Storm power- ups throw colored blocks on the board whereas paint power- ups turn your blocks into a similar color that results in higher points. More points can also be earned by finishing a song while having a completely empty board.

On a negative note, the game has a tendency, although not frequent, of generating blank tracks and freezing occasionally. Moreover, the blocks don’t always correctly follow the beat in the song. The game has no alternate modes of playing nor is there a multiplayer option.

Audiosurf is an exciting game, especially to music fanatics. It gives you a new avenue of enjoying different music genres. The lack of alternate modes lowers the replayability of the game… but then again, you can always choose a different song!


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