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Quick Overview

Battlefield 2 is a military/war simulator which features an immense, richly detailed, destructible environments, from city streets to remote forests, in some of the most notorious hot spots around the world. Players are divided into 2 teams, where each team only has a short supply of tickets. Each death diminishes the number of available tickets so each player is tasked with lessening the opposing teams’ tickets.

  • Developers: Digital Illusions CE
  • Publishers:   EA Games
  • Initial release date:  June 21, 2005
  • Platforms:  Microsoft Windows
  • License: Commercial

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Battlefield 2  is a modern military game that takes place during the 21st-century war amongst three major factions United States Marines, China and the Middle Eastern Coalition. Just like its predecessors, it is all about two warring sides fighting over territory and to win one of the teams has to reduce to zero by taking control of points or killing people on the opposing team.

This is a thrilling game that grips your attention once you start to play it as there is never ending action. The game normally starts out slow but it quickly becomes fast paced as it soon becomes a countdown to who will survive the onslaught of enemy attack and well-coordinated strategic plans, all while managing to win. In this game, therefore, there never is a dull moment and it keeps you coming back for more.

Battlefield 2 is about building bonds with other players and cohesion of squad members as when playing the game you will find yourself fighting to protect your squad members, trying to bring them back to life, shouting for them to move out of a zone as an enemy starts shooting or drops a bomb on you. It is also about the ability to follow orders, as it is the commander’s job to scan for enemy forces, make decisions, deploys spy drowns, supply crates, drop powerful artillery on enemies and issues orders to squads.  The team, therefore, has to trust in the ability of their commander to make sure that they survive through the missions and that they succeed in the missions.

The upgrades in Battlefield 2 also ensure that a group can coordinate attacks better through the use of the new voice over IP system that lets you talk with your squad. When on a mission, therefore, the captain who is chosen through his ranking and points can pass orders to the leaders of the squads who then pass on the information to the other members of the squad. This mimics life situations where orders are passed down through a chain of command.

In this game, you also have the ability to rise through the ranks as compared to previous battle field version where you were stuck in one position. Your ranking thus increases depending on your accomplishments such as a becoming a private first class, sergeant or even commander.  This is a great feature as it allows for growth within the ranks which adds to the user’s general experience.

The great has great visuals and sound effects which provide you with an immersive experience of the battle taking place. The game provides you with 22 maps all of which have 16, 32 and 64 player variations. This is great as it gives the squads enough space to enjoy and take part in the action without them running over each other.  The maps are extremely detailed and give you a unique experience depending on the location you are on, for example, some areas are great for up and close combat while other are better at launching long range tactical attacks.


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