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Battlefield 2142

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Quick Overview

Following an ice age where resources and land cannot support the earth’s population, choose to fight for one of two military superpowers in an epic battle for survival.

  • Developers:  EA DICE
  • Publishers:  Electronic Arts
  • Initial release date:  October 17, 2006
  • Platforms:  Microsoft Windows, OS X.
  • License: Commercial.

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Battlefield 2142 takes place in the future, after a climatic catastrophe in 2006 triggers a new ice age on earth which starts a fierce war between the European Union (EU) and the Russian-centric Pan Asian Coalition (PAC). The world is in panic as the remaining soil that is not covered by ice can only feed a fraction of the Earth’s population. There is also chaos as people flee to warmer areas.  The game starts in the year 2142 where after years of war for the existing resources there still does not seem to be any resolution of the battle.
Players therefore choose to fight for one of the two military super powers in a battle for survival using futuristic weapons. The game has a new play mode called “Titan” in which the player’s main objective is to bring down the enemy Titan, a giant ship flying high above the battlefield which is protected by a shield. You therefore must break this barrier before you can damage the titan. After the shield is down you have to destroy four stations inside the ship so that you can gain access to the central core and destroy it. Once this is successfully completed you win the game.
The armory and vehicles are similar to those used in Battlefield 2 and the number of character classes is now four which include: medic, engineer, assault and special ops. You can, however, customize classes with various items and weapons which you can obtain throughout the course of the game. This makes the classes more flexible as you do not have to switch to a particular class, you simply have to provide the player of the class equipment from another class. For example, by giving your assault player a defibrillator he can use it to cure you or shock an opponent, therefore acting as a medic.
Squad gameplay is back in Battlefield 2142 with there being more incentives in the form of field upgrades that reward players for joiningsquads and playing together. You also get more points quicker if you follow orders of the squad leaders. The commander role returns in Battlefield 2142, and it is his job to scan the area, spot and call in satellite scans and aerial drones to detect the enemy, as well as orbital strikes, which are a powerful form of artillery that take a long time to recharge. The commander in this game however takes a step back from the chaos in order to provide information, logistics and leadership such as being able to give orders, or supply drops or – most useful of all – use artillery strikes to target enemy positions.

In Battlefield 2142 there is also the option of using an electromagnetic pulse strikes that temporarily disable any vehicles in the blast radius, as well as scrambling the helmet-mounted displays of the infantry. You will find that most of your weapons and vehicles are pretty similar to other Battlefield games. However, in Battlefield 2142 the vehicles of the future are slightly advanced – such as the presence of walkers, which are essentially walking tanks.


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