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Battlefield 3

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Quick Overview

In Battlefield 3, you step into the role of the elite U.S. Marines. You will experience heart-pounding missions across diverse locations such as Middle East, France, and New York. With periods of tension and anticipation that are interrupted by moments of complete chaos, the battlefield feels alive and more interactive than ever before.

Developers: EA DICE

Publishers: Electronic Arts

Initial release date: October 25,2011

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

License: Commercial


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In Battlefield, you play as a Sergeant who is wanted for treason and you are hence on a mission to prove your innocence. The game is unique as it has a day/night cycle, so there is always a constant sense of time passing away. At the start of the game you are introduced to your squad that you move around with completing objectives. There are four soldier classes which you can play as: Medic, Engineer, Support and Recon. Each class have their own advantages – for example engineers can use repair tools to kill enemy soldiers and damage their vehicles. The engineers now also carry rocket launchers and mines, which makes them more than capable of handling enemies in battle. This class also has the ability to repair transport and scout helicopters while in flight.

Medic’s assault rifles when upgraded can now be equipped with grenade launchers while the Support class now carries C4 or the newly added mortar. The Recon class are the snipers in this game and their role is more defined than it was in previous games as their equipment allows them to laser select enemy vehicles for rocket launching weapons and they now have a radio beacon which enables you to deploy your squad where they are needed. You can also customize different classes as you move up the levels. Battlefield 3 makes sure to keep you busy as there are extensive and detailed missions on things to collect which range from guns to specific number of kills in certain vehicles and planes.

Vehicles now have unlimited ammo which only needs reloading before you can fire – this makes them more effective as it saves time trying to replenish your ammo. You can also customize weapons which improves the accuracy of your weapon. Mobile AA is also present with its quick-firing cannons having being upgraded against air units.

Besides the single player campaign, there is a now co-op campaign which enables you and a friend to take on various tasks which unlocks more missions through the use of teamwork and strategy decisions. Team work is most definitely necessary in co-op campaign especially when playing through the tactical mission and the chopper mission.

The graphics in the game are quite realistic. For example, when blasting through a wall or leveling down a building – the debris that blasts away and hangs in the air is very realistic. The sound is also great especially for the explosions and gun fire which immerses you into the chaos and tension of the battle that is taking place.