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With a thrilling single-player campaign, large-scale multiplayer war and the all new Commander Mode, Battlefield 4 fails to disappoint when it comes to diversity and all out warfare.

Developers: EA DICE

Publishers: Electronic Arts

Initial release date: October 29, 2013

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

License: Commercial


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Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is a first-person shooting game developed by Swedish developer DICE, as a sequel to Battlefield 3. The game takes players through a wide variety of environments, from snowy mountains open deserts to islands and tropical regions. The story is centered around Sergeant Daniel Decker, who you play as, along with his elite squad who have been sent to gather Intel from a defecting Russian general.  However, while on the mission you are discovered, and you must fight your way back to the US. From there you will be sent on other missions as the story progresses.

The game showcases a similar set of weapons and vehicles that were in previous games with the same four classes of medic, engineer, support and recon. Though, all the kits of the four classes now have access to carbines, sniper rifles and shotguns once unlocked. Every weapon has its own progression system for acquiring weapon accessories hence for each weapon you unlock you will have to gain more accomplishments to gain their attachments. In short, every weapon requires its own specific attachments.

Players also have control over their builds as they are customizable and you can take advantage of any class’ unique gadgets and abilities with almost any type of weapon. For example a player from the support class can take advantage of an engineer’s kit. You also can unlock achievements that will enable you to take up enemy weapons and use them. It is however important to note that any achievements made in single player campaign mode do not carry over to the multiplayer mode which means you have to build up your points on the separate modes individually.

Conquest, Rush, Deathmatch and domination are the modes present in Battlefield 4 which any Battlefield fan is familiar with. There are however two new game modes – Obliteration and Diffuse – both of which involve carrying a bomb as a goal. The game has a variety of 10 maps which feature dynamic environments which are a mix of urban areas, open spaces, and even islands where ships play an important role.

In Battlefield 4, unlocks and awards are predetermined hence you have to follow unlocks till you get to what you require. You now can’t simply unlock what you chose or require. When you accomplish certain goals you are rewarded with Battlepacks which contain random items from weapons, knives, weapon paints, experience boosts and gadgets.  You can also get field Upgrades which begin with players leveling up a specific class enough to unlock a set of Field Upgrades which ideally encourage and reward teamwork with stat boosts during a match.

The user interface has been improved to offer more information about the weapons you can choose, which allows you to make the right pick for the mission or target. The increased control of weapon aiming, coupled with enhanced visual effects are also factors which caused Battlefield 4’s success.