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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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Quick Overview

With the intense multiplayer warfare of the original Bad Company, the gameplay mechanics are enhanced further Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Set in Russia, the game promises a unique action-packed experience in every match.

Developers: EA DICE

Publishers: Electronic Arts

Initial release date: March 2, 2010

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, iOS

License: Commercial

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The story of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 follows on from the previous group in Bad Company which includes Marlowe (the character you play), Sweetwater, Sarge and Haggard. You have discovered that a scalar super weapon that had originally been activated during Operation Aurora in WWII, has reappeared and is in the hands of the Russians. The Russians are planning to use it to wipe out America’s power grid. It is hence the gang’s job to stop this from happening.

Game Modes

The game has a single player, as well as a multiplayer mode which is has more depth. The single player campaign mode has over 13 missions which take about 30 minutes to an hour to complete. You can therefore replay it multiple times as it does not take too long to complete, which is quite a disappointment. In multiplayer, there are three modes. Rush which features two sides – Defenders and Attackers. There is the conquest mode in which the aim is to control as many areas as possible within the highlighted regions on the map.  Next is Squad Death match, where you are in squads of four people and you are to kill as many members of the other squad as possible. Lastly there is Squad Rush where two teams fight each other with one team being the defenders and the other attackers.

Rank system and classes

The game has a rank system whereby if you get enough points your rank rises which enables you to unlock various weapons, gadgets and other benefits. There are 4 classes you can choose from and you have the ability to customize your character. The classes are Assault, Engineers, Recons (snipers), and medics. Each class has a unique selection of weapons and equipment. For example snipers can call in mortar strikes while assault troops can drop ammo and can resupply fellow troops anywhere on the battlefield at anytime. The more people you kill while in a specific class the more the weapons you will be able to unlock from that class.

The Battlefield

Each location in Bad Company is well designed and the graphics are detailed. The layout of is carefully constructed to allow for different strategic scenarios. You can fight in jungles, desserts and snowstorms (this is Russia after all!). The inclusion of contrasting scenery through seasons/ climate is something I loved in the game as normally most games just have one type of terrain.


A number of new weapons and abilities have been added making is slightly difficult for new players to the series to catch on. The weapons are customizable allowing improvements to the accuracy and range of your weapons. Battlefield is built to scale which makes helicopters and vehicles a realistic size compared to your characters. The game has a lot of tactical challenges – the moment you think you are safe you are getting shot and end up dead. The game was met with good reviews with great action scenes and memorable characters.