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Battlefield Vietnam

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Quick Overview

Play as a variety of classes in the second installment of the Battlefield franchise. Featuring a large variety of maps based on historical settings, this classic first-person shooter is sure to keep you entertained.

  • Developers:  Digital Illusions CE
  • Publishers: Electronic Arts
  • Initial release date: March 14, 2004
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows
  • License: Commercial

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As the title gives away, the game is set during the Vietnam war. The game will take you through Vietnam’s jungles and urban areas as you fight against the Viet Cong in different battle scenarios. There at two main game themes – urban fighting which involves features such as close combat, and jungle fighting where you must be prepared for an ambush at any moment. The maps span over 14 locations, with some areas being where actual battles took place such as the Ia Drang Valley during the Tet Offensive and the Siege of Khe Sanh. The locations provide a variety of terrain and gameplay styles. For example, Operation Flaming Dart is all about aerial combat.

New battlefield terrains

The maps themselves have a good level of detail – there is rarely any wide-open areas with sparse terrain. Now the maps have more character in them in terms of landscape and vegetation. You will find that the levels are both realistic and strategically functional as they provide you with cover. The maps now feature steep ravines and valleys, dry riverbeds, lush vegetation and hills giving the game more thrills during battles.


There are four classes you can play with – these include Assault who are equipped with rifles and grenades, Engineer class which has two layouts one being an engineer who is able to demolish buildings the other is mechanics, an anti-tank class which deals with heavy weapons such as rocket launchers and machine guns. Lastly, you can play as the Recon class in which you can select different types of rifles including snipers.

Game modes

There are three games modes: Conquest mode in which players are divided into two teams, one for the US and its Vietnamese allies and the other for the North Vietnamese and its Vietcong allies and the two teams must battle it out for strategic of the control points on a map. Whichever team can capture most points while maintaining their own control points wins. Evolution mode also involves capturing points – the difference in this mode however is that the points are saved at the end of each level and whichever team has the highest collective score wins. There is also a custom combat mode which allows you to customize certain aspects of battles such as the types of weapons or cars to use.


In Battlefield Vietnam, you have access to assault rifles and machine guns which have increased lethality as compared to those in other Battlefield games. The increased firepower, modernized weapons and vehicles make, large selection of light and heavy weapons make the game quite unique. You can also play with jeeps – it allows you to shoot from the shotgun position as you drive by and also has a missile launcher. The variety of weapons and vehicles are contemporary for the era though as expected they are not as effective as the modern weapons.

One thing I cannot forget to mention are the great soundtracks in the game which has received great feedback from gamers – it even allows you to choose to change the track you listen to as you play.