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Quick Overview

Besiege is a game in which you construct medieval siege engines and lay waste to immense fortresses and armies of soldiers. Build the most efficient destruction machine, and crush your enemies in this addicting strategy game.

  • Developers: Spiderling Studios
  • Publishers: Spiderling Studios
  • Initial release date: January 28, 2015
  • Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux
  • License: Commercial

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Besiege is a medieval physics-based game developed by Spiderling Studios, in which building weapons is your primary goal. The weapons created will be used for different combat situations depending on the task given. The game has no story line which actually works for it gamestyle. You are simply presented with multiple building materials and medieval weapons from which you need to make a powerful weapon. The game has multiple worlds and for each you are given a specific task which you must complete to progress further. The levels do not have time limits hence you can goof around for a while before actually completing a level testing out different models of weapons.

Build any weapon you want!

The best thing about Besiege is that there are no restrictions on anything, you essentially start off with a blank slate and whatever you choose to do is entirely up to you as long as you eventually complete the given task. It focuses on combining destructive power and your creativity. You therefore can make the deadliest and most ridiculous siege weapons ever seen – even as far as building flying canons! The game is all about enjoying yourself though at times your own weapon might back fire on you and end up killing you if you do not get the design right. One of the fun factors is consequently the trial and error approach to this game as you are not given set instructions on how to build the weapons.


I also loved that the missions were specific to each level and the fact that each level points out areas you will need to visit in the map, which saves on time instead of running around trying to find your way throughout the game. Missions are varied with most of them being based on you destroying or killing people however there are some levels which require you to get to checkpoints whilst you are being chased by enemy soldiers or being attacked with explosives… sometimes hidden in sheep!

Let your imagination go wild

When building weapons while on a mission you can look at other models for inspiration in a Minecraft-esque type of gameplay. The game definitely balances fast-paced action with creativity. If you are building a model which find has exceeded the boundaries you can switch to free build which allows you to construct whatever you want with your own specifications. You hence can create anything as you see fit, your only limits being the power of your imagination.

Showcase your weapon in the Steam Workshop

When done Besiege gives you the option of adding your models to the game’s Steam Workshop where your model can be viewed. You can also see what other people have built. This is hence a game that you will enjoy, especially Lego and sandbox fans, as you get to build something from the ground up and nothing is more satisfying than when you weapon looks the way you want it to and is functional and powerful. Even if you fail, you have multiple chances to build things again.