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BioShock 2

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Quick Overview

Somewhere deep in the ruins of the undersea city of Rapture, your Little Sister awaits. Play as a prototype for the iconic “Big Daddy” in the first official sequel to the game Bioshock.

Developers: 2K Marin

Publishers: 2K Games

Initial release date: February 9, 2010

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, OS X, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

License: Commercial


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Game plot

Bioshock 2 follows on ten years after the conclusion of the original game Bioshock which ends with the death of Big Daddy. In this game you find yourself thrust into the world as a Big Daddy prototype, Subject Delta, the first Big Daddy to be successfully bonded to a Little Sister. The game focuses on Subject Delta who is searching for his lost little sister in a crumbling Rapture with the back story being presented through audio diaries which provide a detailed summary to what has been happening since the overthrowing of Andrew Ryan and Ryan Industries and which are hidden throughout Rapture.

Revived years after the original Big Daddy’s death, you will ultimately face off against villain Sofia Lamb, with each level being structured around solving puzzles, adopting a number of little sisters, performing ADAM harvests, and then engaging in mini boss battles against Big Sisters. You will need to be on guard though as Splicers are still your main opponents. When they discover where the ADAM is, they arrive in masses and frantically trying to kill you.

Even after going through the ultimate showdown to get the Little Sister and a small battle to collect ADAM there will be more battles to come as the Little Sister’s Big Sister will show up. She has awesome abilities such telekinesis, fire balls, and a piercing and disorientating shriek. This makes her a fearsome opponent to go against and the Big Sisters will not rest until one of you is dead. In Bioshock 2, one of the things you are guaranteed is duels to the death kind of battles which are the highlight of the game.
There are far more gameplay options in Bioshock 2 which you can access through the Plasmid-Tonics system, which enables you to develop completely different Big Daddy traits such as from tank to stealth, or plasmid mage to soldier.


The game now includes a multiplayer mode with several modes to choose from which include Survival of the Fittest, Civil War, Last Splicer Standing, Capture the Sister, ADAM Grab, Team ADAM Grab, Turf War. You can build up your rank by earning ADAM from doing certain asks throughout the game which enables you to unlock new tonics, plasmids, and weapons.

You’re a Big Daddy

Playing as a Big Daddy, you will of course have access to some of the weaponry associated with him such as the monstrous drill and the crippling rivet gun. You also have the ability to use Plasmids with your physical weapons which make you a formidable opponent against weak enemies who stand in your way. Not forgetting the new Plasmids at your disposal, such as the ability to call in Security Bots and the scout upgrade which allows you to leave your body and scout the surrounding areas.

Graphics and sound

Rapture’s 1950’s art style and graphics are still great to look, especially with the eerie lighting effects. It is definitely an upgrade on the original Bioshock 1.  The voice acting and sound design are great and add to the eerie environment – there are record players everywhere playing old jazz tunes. Talk about creepy!