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BioShock Infinite

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Quick Overview

Shoot your way through the floating air city of Columbia in the third installment of the BioShock series. A stunning and original world of gorgeous scenery and memorable characters awaits you, in this award winning and action packed game.

Developers: Irrational Games

Publishers: 2K Games

Initial release date: March 26, 2013

Platforms: Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, OS X, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

License: Commercial


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Bioshock Infinite is the third game in the Bioshock series, and the first to diverge from its Rapture story line. It is set in the year 1912 in Colombia and you, the player, are introduced as Booker Dewitt. Booker Dewitt is an investigator with a mysterious past who has amassed a huge amount of debt, which he is promised will be cleared as long as he rescues and returns a lady with special powers named Elizabeth. Elizabeth has been imprisoned by founder and Prophet Comstock due to her unique nature. Prophet Comstock who is the main antagonist in the game wields great influence over the people of Columbia hence you must be careful that none of his followers catch up with you.

Elizabeth – the key to winning your battles

Unlike normal rescue missions, Elizabeth is not a weakling in distress who simply gets in the way.  She fends for herself and is more than useful as several times you will find her helping you to access ammo, health and coins as she can open up alternate dimensions knows as “tears”. The best thing about the tears that Elizabeth creates is that she can open them up for you during combat. This is beneficial as it provides you with cover and helps you launch surprise attacks on the enemy, which makes combat more exciting.

Comstock vs Vox Populi

During your quest in Columbia you’ll be faced with multiple challenges such as ambushes and sudden attacks.  Some of the people to be wary of are the founders who are rich white supremacists led by Comstock and who are at war with the Vox Populi, a multi-racial nationality group of the poor and the working class. All of whom wish to capture Elizabeth due to the special abilities she possesses in the hope that she will deliver victory for whichever group has her.


You should be wary of the Songbird, a creature that guards over Elizabeth in her captivity and who has become her caretaker and protector as it has been watching over her for years ever since she was 5 years old. When Elizabeth breaks free the creature will come at you with everything it has, as it tries to recapture Elizabeth and return her to her prison where it can watch over her.

Vending machines

The game introduces new features which were not seen in previous Bioshock games. Vending machines allow you to upgrade Vigors which are special abilities that enable you to control minds, gain ammo and set explosive fireball traps. The vending machine also allows you to purchase ammo, health, salts, and weapons. In Bioshock infinite you will also find infusions which are spread all over and which can be used to permanently increase health, shield, and salts.

Remarkable graphics

The graphics of the game are quite remarkable – especially watching the cites bustling with activity. Levels have their own diverse environments such as chapels, markets, shanty towns and factories that force you to adapt through the use of different weapons and change in tactics with every change in terrain.