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Quick Overview

Explore the mysterious city of Rapture as you fend off splicers and big daddies. collect weapons and plasmids. Face your enemies head on, or lure them into traps.

Developers: 2K Boston, 2K Australia

Publishers: 2K Games

Initial release date: August 21, 2007

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

License: Commercial




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Bioshock is a first-person shooter game that starts off with you playing as Jack, a plane crash survivor. Left alone, you have no option but to trust a character called Atlus, who instructs you on what to do to get to safety – the alternative being you dying horribly, as you are stuck in the middle of nowhere with no supplies and fending of attacks by Splicers. The game starts off with Jack entering a lighthouse that turns out to be the entrance to an underwater city known as Rapture. The game quickly becomes a test of survival and of overcoming odds. Your objectives involve completing story missions to get to the next level. During these missions, you have to find and save the little sisters, defeat big daddies (who are your strongest opponents), find audio diaries and collect plasmids and tonics.

Unique skills and weapons

The best thing about Bioshock is that you have powers such as telekinesis, pyrokinesis, and cryokinesis. There are also plasmids which give you awesome abilities and you can use them to genetically modify your body to shoot flames, produce lightning, freeze things or even produce a swarm of killer bees from the tips of your fingers. The plasmids are not just for show but a necessity in this game as you will come across different enemies who poses similar powers or who are tough to kill without them. The game also has some cool features that can help you change the outcome of battle such as upgrades and ammo crafting. Apart from those super human powers you still have access to weapons which can be upgraded twice, and which makes your weapons more effective. Even ordinary items that are at your disposal can be used as weapons hence granting you multiple ways to kill enemies.  You can also use tonics which give you a better range of skills and which are divided into three categories: Physical which gives you special abilities/resistance, Combat which allows you to cause more damage and Engineering. If the player is killed, you can come back to life every time you die, using Vita- chambers which will enable you to go back into battle and kill off your opponent.

Graphics and characters

Bioshock has great graphics which makes you appreciate the world of Rapture, a futuristic city with elements of the 1960s. The characters in the game are extremely detailed all of them being unique and believable, which causes the player to invest quite a lot of attachment into his/her characters. The Splicers are ragged looking, Big Daddies are massive and have a menacing presence – however they will not attack you unless you approach them. And finally there are the morbid looking sisters who you are out to save.  There are also other characters that will freak you out but let’s not spoil the game for you. All in all Bioshock is a haunting game that will keep you busy with its deep hidden mysteries and plot twists.