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Blade Ballet

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Quick Overview

Blade Ballet is a competitive, action packed, multiplayer game with unique characters and abilities.Take control of bots armed with maces, bombs, laser swords, and more in one of the most hilariously fun brawler games of 2016.

  • Developer: DreamSail Games
  • Publisher: DreamSail Games
  • Initial release date: August 9, 2016
  • Platform: PC, PlayStation 4
  • License: Commercial

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Blade Ballet is a multiplayer game where two or four players take control of ten robot characters and participate in a merciless battle to the death. The game was developed and published by DreamSail Games and it was released in summer 2016 for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

Game plot

The game itself doesn’t really follow a story, but has a brief background. The game is set millions of years after humanity’s extinction where robots are still being mass produced by the automated factories. Due to this overpopulation, the robots find themselves participating in a deathmatch.

Robot characters

The ten robot characters come with unique personalities and different special abilities which the player can use to his/her advantage to destroy their opponents’ bots. The player can either choose to master and fine-tune one bot or choose different bot every match.

1. Catbot is an adorable little deviant who will cut through the enemy’s armor shield like knife through butter.
2. Torque is a bot who has no shield, but his ability is to spin in a “Blender Mode” and slice everything in its path.
3. Syphon is a bot that is equipped with many swords, and his ability is to steal shields of other bots and he turns these shields into a ring of slicing death.
4. Riot comes with a spiked shield that regenerates quickly over time.
5. Nix is a bot who uses teleportation to quickly phase over enemies and line up the perfect attack.
6. Trigger is a rolling mayhem that lives for destruction. She uses bombs as her weapon, wrecking everything in her path, and she’s not immune to self-destruction too.
7. Rickus uses mace to reposition other bots to her will. Her mace punch to the face is especially effective against other bots.
8. Vanguard comes with a bodyguard background. He is slow, armored, and heavy, but he makes up for it with his blazing charge and long reach.
9. Dropjaw’s ability is a stunningly effective shockwave and his typical combo includes jump into Ground Pound and finishing the opponent off with a stab of a sword.
10. STEVe is one of the most difficult bots that requires a good mastering of his strafe and his powerful lunge attack.

Bottom line

The best part of Blade Ballet is that the game is simple enough for anyone to pick up a controller and jump into the battle, yet it requires a lot of mastering of the different abilities for the player to come on top. This makes the game easily accessible to new players while allowing for a high skill ceiling. On top of that, each arena comes with a new game mechanic that players must incorporate into their winning strategy.