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Counter-Strike: Condition Zero

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Quick Overview

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is the sequel 0f Counter Strike with improved graphics, new maps, updated weapons and new missions.

  • Developers: Ritual Entertainment, Turtle Rock Studios, Valve L.L.C.
  • Publishers:  Sierra Studios, Valve Corporation (digital)
  • Initial release date:  March 23, 2004
  • Platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux
  • License: Commercial

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Counter-Strike: Condition zero is a team-based tactical shooter game that is built around two sides – terrorists versus counter terrorists. The two teams battle it out using strategy, weaponry and teamwork till one of the teams win. However, in this game you play as the counter terrorists and you do not have the option of switching sides, as it is in some games. In the single player mode your teammates being computer bots who you will work with on missions and your enemies are also computer bots that you will battle against in all rounds.

In the game you assume the role of the commander of the counterterrorist force, and you choose your teammates from a menu of named bots. The bots vary in skill, aggressiveness, choice of weapons and tendency to cooperate with the rest of the team. Those with greater skill and more-powerful weapons cost more points to hire, with decent bots being those that cost four points and above. They are however quite accessible as you will gradually earn points as you make your way through the game’s campaign. As the commander of the squad, weapons that will be available in your armory include pistols, shotguns, assault rifles and tactical shields that deflect bullets.

For the new players of the game there is now a new offline mode in which you get to learn and understand the game before you move on to online play. The offline mode features a series of six graded challenges that take the player through a total of eighteen missions and in which you have to complete a set of three missions before moving up to the next level.

The game has two game types – bombing and hostage rescue. In bombing the mission of the NPC terrorists is to place bombs in outlined areas and set them off while it is the duty of counterterrorist to protect these areas by defusing bombs and maintaining their control of the highlighted areas. Hostage rescue involves having the terrorists holding civilians in mine field areas while you try to rescue them. Every mission that you complete successfully will enable you to earn money which will come in handy especially when buying weapons and also maintaining the weapons you already have, as those who survive their previous missions get to keep their guns.

The campaign is divided into six tours of duty, each of which consists of three maps which offer you a total of 18 maps for game play. Most of the maps are from the Counter strike collection such as Dust, Aztec and Italy though there are some changes in most maps. There also are some new maps that have been added such as Fastline and Stadium. To move onto the next map, you are required to win at least three rounds against the terrorists and you also have to complete a number of special challenges such as obtaining a certain number of kills or winning a round under a certain amount of time.


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