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A hack and slash game where you will choose to be a warrior, sorcerer or a rogue as you slay hoards of devils in dungeons. Descend deeper to find and defeat the Lord of Terror, Diablo!

  • Developers: Blizzard North
  • Publishers: Blizzard Entertainment, Ubi Soft Entertainment,  Electronic Arts
  • Initial release date: December 31, 1996
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS, PlayStation
  • License: Commercial

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Diablo is an action role-playing hack and slash dungeon crawler game developed for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, Xbox and Mac platforms. An expansion pack to the game titled Diablo: Hellfire was released in 1997, a year after the release of the original game.

In Diablo, players take control of a lone warrior who has set out to destroy the Lord of Terror, Diablo, from the lands of the Kingdom of Khanduras, which features a variety of locations like the caves or the catacombs. Players must go through sixteen randomly generated levels below the town of Tristam, fighting and killing hordes of different enemies, and at last enter Hell itself, where Diablo will be waiting for their final fate-deciding battle to save, or destroy, the Kingdom of Khanduras.

Players can choose from three classes of their character in Diablo: the Sorcerer, the Warrior and the Rogue, with each class providing different combat options and specializing in different skills types. The Warrior specializes in melee combat, the Rogue is a master at a variety of ranged weapons, and the Sorcerer can use magic to perform spells. Each character has a shred of the others’ abilities, but very less powerful. For example, Warriors can also perform spells like Sorcerers, but they have limited magic, so they can’t perform some of the higher level skills. Such character design encourages players to be more active in their character selection, and pick a character that best suits their fighting style or playing style.

There are a wide variety of items available throughout the journey that will aid the player in combat. Normal items have a white color, magic items have a blue aura, and unique items that have special properties possess a golden color. These items are of various types, and may range from long-ranged weapons like bows to spell-learning books. Items have their own lifespan, and a set number of them degrade after certain use, and eventually get destroyed. When in degradation, players can pay the town blacksmith to fix their items, generally weapons. This degradation system was kept as a check to ensure that players wouldn’t use the same weapon or item over and over again, but would rather experiment with others to induce creative gameplay. Although appearing a forced gameplay designed, this system is largely a part of what makes Diablo what it is, and is essential in keeping its name as one of the best video games of the 1990s.

Diablo also features a multiplayer mode, and is one of the first video games to do so. Players can join with up to three other players using a variety of connection methods, and then they’re free to either join up with other players to defeat hordes of the enemy, or turn an enemy against other players, hence putting their dynamic skills to the test.

A sequel to the game, titled Diablo II, was released in 2000, and another sequel titled Diablo III was released in 2011.


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