Dirt 4

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Quick Overview

Dirt 4 is the sixth release in the famous car rally DIRT game series. Race in different terrains and weathers at locations around the world.

  • Developers:  Codemasters Southham
  • Publishers: Codemasters
  • Initial release date: 2017
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • License: Commercial

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Dirt 4 is a rally-themed racing video game. The game was developed by Codemasters Southam and published by Codemasters themselves. The game launched on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in June 2017. It is the 6th game in the long-running rally series and it reached number 3 in the UK sales chart. The Dirt series is one of the most authentic, challenging and thrilling rally EXPERIENCES. The game captures the very essence of what makes rally unique.

The developers of Dirt 4 have tried to make an attempt to strike a perfect balance between accessibility and difficulty. the developers have created two main modes called “Gamer” and “Simulation”. The “Gamer” mode is easier, however, it still requires a degree of learning the car mechanics unique to the Dirt series. On the other hand, the “Simulation” mode changes the handling of the car dramatically and makes the game more intense.

Dirt 4 comes with plenty of modes, from a single player Career Mode to Competitive Online multiplayer, and a Course building mode. The game is packed with plenty of content. The most notable feature is its game-changing system called Your Stage. This is a creative tool that allows the player to produce his/her own rally route. The player can choose their location and set the racing route. Then Your Stage creates a unique rally stage where the player can race. On top of that, the player can also share the same rally stage with his friends and challenge them to beat his time. This feature allows players to create longer and more creative routes.

The core of the game is its Career Mode. Player can pick a character and design their own racing team. They can select a team name, team colors and hire staff to help them along the way. As tplayer progress through the game, they will earn an in-game currency and unlock new tiers of more advanced vehicles and staff.

Apart from the numerous game modes, the developers did a great job to create a realistic car handling model. Codemasters worked with rally drivers Kris Meeke and Petter Solberg in order to make the driving as real as possible. Each car type that the player unlocks is handled differently than the one before it. The player can unlock all types of different vehicles, from cars to trucks to dune buggies. To make the game even better, Dirt 4 features co-driver and commentator voice work from professional co-drivers, Nicky Grist and Jen Horsey.

Even if you haven’t played a Rally Sim before, Dirt 4 is a good place to start. The online races are really easy to jump into, and there are more than enough game modes in the game for you to complete your rally experience.


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