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For Honor

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Quick Overview

A hack-and-slash game set in the Medieval period, play as the Legion, The Chosen, or The Warborn.

  • Developers:  Ubisoft Montreal
  • Publishers: Ubisoft
  • Initial release date: 2017
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • License: Commercial

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For Honor is a hack-and-slash action fighting game by Ubisoft, which is released on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox one.

Factions and classes

The game is set during the medieval period and it lets players choose from different historical factions: the Legion, The Chosen, or The Warborn (Vikings, Samurai, and Knights). These factions are very different from each other and they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Each faction has 4 classes, the Vanguard, Assassin, Heavies, and the Hybrids.

  • Vanguards are basically the most balanced units among the classes. A very good pick for new players and even advanced players as they can excel in most game modes.
  • Heavies are the tanks among the classes. They have high defense and health, they can also deliver powerful blows. However, they are very hard to use and maneuver.
  • Assassins are the best 1v1 units in any game modes. They are lethal and quicker than any classes in the game. Despite this advantage, they have the lowest health among the classes and they have a weaker defense.
  • Hybrids are the combination of two other types. They are hard to predict and each unit in this class has their own advantages and disadvantages since they are more exclusive than any units in the game.


For Honor’s gameplay is quite unique as it is a mix of hack-and-slash and action fighting. The hack-and-slash feature is particularly seen in game modes such as Dominion, Skirmish, and the game’s story mode. However, once the player has encountered another player or an AI-controlled hero, a new battle system is used and it is called Art of Battle. This groundbreaking battle system allows the two players to create their own moves and try to strategize on how to attack their opponents. There is no block system in place, but players have to guess on how their opponents would attack based on their stance. There are other ways to defend yourselves by feinting or dodging the incoming attack. Timing is essential to win in the Art of Battle.

Game modes

For Honor has different game modes that can give you a decent amount of replay value. These are the Story Campaign, Dominion, Brawl, Duel, Skirmish, and Elimination.

  • Story Campaign is mainly the single-player experience. Each faction has its own campaign missions. Players can play it solo or co-op. It is a good start if players want to practice their skills while immersing themselves in the story of the greatest warriors of these three factions.
  • Dominion is a 4v4 multiplayer PVP mode. The objective of this mode is to capture certain parts of the map and try to hold these areas for as long as possible. The team who has access to these areas will gain points, while the team who loses it will get their points deducted. Once a team has gained a thousand points, the opposing team will not be able to respawn any more fallen heroes unless the opposing team manages to deduct the other team’s points below to a thousand again. A team loses once they all fall down in battle and cannot respawn.
  • Brawl is a 2v2 duel between players. The objective in this mode is very easy – the team which survives and kills the two opposing heroes win the round. It is a best of five match.
  • Duel is basically the Brawl mode but players have to go 1v1 which makes it quicker than any other mode.
  • Skirmish is another 4v4 PVP mode. However, instead of capturing points, you gain points by killing the opposing heroes. Once a team reaches a thousand points, the other team will stop respawning their fallen heroes. Eventually, a team will lose once all their heroes and cannot spawn anymore.
  • Elimination is basically brawl mode but it is 4v4. The team who eliminates the other team will be victorious for the round. As usual, it is a best of five match.


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