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Middle-earth: Shadow of War

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Quick Overview

You will assume the role of  Talion, who has several natural athletic and combat abilities, as well as other unique abilities provided by the spirit of the elf lord Celebrimbor, with whom he shares his body. Use your combined abilities to disrupt the armies of Sauron!

  • Developers: Monolith Productions.
  • Publishers: Warner Bros, Interactive Entertainment
  • Initial release date: October 10, 2017
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.
  • License: Commercial.

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Return to the beautifully crafted landscape of Mordor.

The journey begins right at the end of “Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor”. The game is seen through the eyes of Talion, a half dead-half alive Gondorian ranger who had his entire family murdered right before his eyes, moments before his own throat was slit by the Black Hand of Sauron. Then, when things just couldn’t get any worse, a mysterious amnesiac Wraith possesses him, bringing him back from the dead and preventing him from reuniting with his loved ones. As was later discovered, the identity of said Wraith was none other than Celebrimbor, the powerful Elf Lord who was responsible for creating the nineteen rings of power and thus directly to blame for this whole predicament in the first place.

Talion and Celebrimbor have found the most unlikeliness of allies in each other, bound by their pain of loss and their eyes set on vengeance, hellbent on ripping apart Sauron for what he brought unto them, their families, and their brethren. They have become a powerful force to be reckoned with; the natural sword talents of Talion, paired up with the mystical elvish powers of Celebrimbor.

Their quest for vengeance is anything but accomplished, yet they will see it through. Bearing the fact that Sauron is just far too powerful for them to take on, despite all of Talion’s mastery in decapitation and Celebrimbor’s magical spirit bow, together, they will forge a new ring. This ring will not be filled by the malice of Sauron, but that of their pain; a ring that has the power to bend the will of others to their bidding. This only took them the entirety of the first game to get started on, and nothing ever goes wrong with making rings of power, right? They decided to start brainwashing an army of Orcs to do their murderous bidding, making the Orcs turn against their own kind and start an all-out war.

Yes. The power of the ring that was newly forged, that has the power to bend the wills of others at their disposal, serving as their slaves and to kill when told. No questions asked. Sounds familiar? Looking at you Sauron.

The game has evolved far from a decapitating random Orc boss #1 and #2 to introducing some colorful and diverse personalities, most quite enjoyable and worth remembering by; from the barbaric violent brutes to the quite chatty but still murderous machines. And to top it all off, an open world system. Imagine all this power, all this potential at your disposal, and throw it into a sandbox the scale of which nearly parallels that of the movies.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War clearly acknowledges the truth, that a hero, is as good as his villain, or lesser villains.

So master your skills in combat. Discover your magic abilities. Assemble your army of the dread, and prepare to wage war against the dark lord himself.

For the Shadow of War is calling, and war…is…coming!


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