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Need for Speed

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Quick Overview

In the street racing world, the only thing that matters is the respect and reputation you earn. Compete against the best street racers to find your way to the top and become a legend of the world of adrenaline and speed.

  • Developers: Ghost Games
  • Publishers: Electronic Arts
  • Initial release date: 3 November 2015
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4,  Xbox One
  • License: Commercial

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Win races to earn money, rise up in the ranks, win your dream car, gain fame and become a racing celebrity!

Need for Speed is a racing video game developed by Ghost Games, who were behind the last title in the Need for Speed franchise Need for Speed Rivals, and published by Electronic Arts (EA) for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, and was released for these platforms on November 2015 (PS4 and Xbox One) and March 2016 respectively. Need for Speed is the hard reboot to the original Need for Speed series beginning with The Need for Speed in 1994 and ending with Need for Speed Rivals in 2013, and in the first game in a new series of its own.

Need for Speed is an entirely new distinct game on its own in comparison to some of the last titles in the, and takes inspiration from the successful mechanics of Need for Speed Underground. Improvements to the series are graphics on a whole nother league, sound effects that are precise and satisfactory from the throttling of the engine to the screech of the drift, and vehicle controls that let players tune in their own grip strength and drift capabilities, providing an incredible sense of immersion and control like no other game has ever offered before.

Need for Speed is set on beautiful racetracks that are constantly changing like in the real world. In-game, players will be running along the tracks on a sunny day when the weather might turn over and suddenly they’ll be experiencing a heavy downpour that makes cars glisten and individual droplets are visible splattering on cars. This change is not just for the beauty of the environment; such changes make differences in the gameplay style. For example, roads become slippery during rainfall and suddenly players have to be extra sure in a moment’s notice they don’t apply the brakes too soon or too fast. A second of delay could cost players the match, so they’re always expected to keep their eyes on everything.

Players can choose from a variety of cars to duke it out against live opponents across the world or just complete the single-player, which is unique to a racing game. By completing races in either first, second or third positions players get relatively high rewards that can be used to buy upgrades to steering, braking, acceleration and the like. Each car has different stats which helps players choose them depending on their play styles. A player that likes to speed over everyone will choose a car that does just that, while someone who likes to control the tracks has different options.Players have dual options here: they can choose to complete a game with a single perfected car of their choice, or they can experiment with a variety of cars to master every one of them. Popular cars in the gallery range from the Ferrari F40 to the Subaru BRZ featured in the official poster of the game.

Need for Speed is online only, meaning that to access the single-player or multiplayer mode players need to have a strong Internet connection. A sequel to the game titled Need for Speed Payback is set to be released in 2017.


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