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Nex Machina

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Quick Overview

Shoot’em’up games are back with the latest release in the genre Nex Machina. Save lives while destroying hordes of live robots with your friends.

  • Developers:  Housemarque
  • Publishers: Housemarque
  • Initial release date: 2017
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, Windows
  • License: Commercial

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Are you ready for the newest action-packed sci-fi game on steam? Nex Machina is an indie game that is developed and published by Housemarque along with the great Eugene Jarvis who is well-known for designing arcade games like Defender, Robotron: 2084 and Smash TV.

Game plot

The world of Nex Machina is filled with humans who have become too dependent on their technology that they never realized that the machines around them gained consciousness and has surpassed human intelligence. Now it is time for the machines to take over the world and they start by eradicating all of humans. It is up to you to destroy the evil robots and save all of the humanity!

Game mechanics

The game mechanics are quite simple. The game is played in a classic Top-down perspective. Players can move through rooms by shooting up waves of enemies, dodging bullets, collecting power-ups and weapon upgrades, while trying to save fleeing humans. But don’t let the simple mechanics fool you, the game can be difficult with countless waves of enemies coming consecutively. Additionally, each room has its own different features such lasers, walls, turrets, etc. which adds layers to the complexity.

Game levels

There are different levels for players to choose from. There’s always the easiest one, Rookie, where enemies move slower and explode quicker. This will give you enough reaction time for dodging and knowing when to move forward. However, the action is still fast and the arenas are still cramped with waves of enemies coming for you.

And then there’s Daring, where the game will be as realistic as possible. Each level will give you a number of humans to save before the time runs out (before they get harvested). The machines have higher health and durability and their firing rate is tripled. Enemies also move a lot faster so if you aren’t careful, you might get stuck in a horde of machines and get crushed instantly. This difficulty will test your strategy and survivability skills. You will have to survive through what seems like an endless horde of machines to save as many humans as fast as you can. But don’t worry, as hard and difficult as it sounds, it’s really not that bad. Don’t forget to use the power-ups and weapon upgrades. You just need to know the right time to use them. You can also use “dash” to get your character out of tight spots.

The game consists of six worlds and each of them has 15 sections. Most of them can take less than an hour to finish depending on the difficulty and your strategies. If the Arcade mode gets boring, you can always take on the Arena Mode for individual worlds where bullets and enemies move faster or where you have to keep your human combo up to gain scores.

Overall, the game is really interesting. It brings a whole new feel to the twin-stick, action genre. Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis really did well on developing this game – they brought a classic arcade genre into the modern world. It’ll definitely leave you wanting more levels to play!


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