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Night in the Woods

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Quick Overview

Times have changed since the closing of the coal mines of Possum Springs. Playing as Mae, you will confront a horrible secret the town has hidden for decades.

  • Developers: Infinite Fall
  • Publishers: Finji
  • Initial release date: February 21, 2017
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4
  • License: Commercial

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Night of the Woods is developed by Infinite fall and published by Finji both are indie based studios. It was initially released in February 2017. It runs on the engine Unity and can be played through the platform Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and Playstation 4. It is available in single-player mode only.

The main character to be played is Margaret “Mae” Borowski, 20-year old cat and a college dropout. The player will follow Mae’s storyline in her hometown Possum Springs as she moves back in it. The goal is to uncover the secret the town has been hiding for decades and finding out facts about her childhood friend’s recent disappearance named Casey.  This will be only successful through exploring the town and meeting Mae’s friends. These friends include a cigarette smoking alligator named Bea and a fox named Gregg with his bear boyfriend Angus. It is implied in the game that Mae suffers through a mental disorder specifically dissociative disorder. This trait of Mae has a huge part in playing the game and finishing the story.

The mechanics of the game involve wandering around the town of Possum Springs and talking and conversing with the characters in knowing what exactly Mae has to and where she has to go. The player has the ability to choose Mae’s dialogue but it is who she talks to that matter more to the game. The game’s story is told through Mae’s day to day life thus Mae has the ability to choose which friend she wants her day to be spent with. There are days that a character may not be available. Since it tells the story of Mae’s day to day life, Mae has to live her day to day life as well aside from solving and uncovering the mystery of the town. This involves doing the chores, mechanically fixing a car, etc. But, as mentioned Mae has a dissociative disorder and there are little puzzles or mini-games that the player will encounter throughout playing the game which is much more out of the world such as jumping on rooftops and power lines, etc.

The player’s choices in interacting Mae with the characters actually unlock different storylines and secrets. There are over 130 characters in the town available for interaction with Mae and there are over 130,000 words of dialogue in the whole game way above the average dialogue based game RPG. Mae also carries a journal with her which has some of her writings and doodles. The game has over a hundred of these that the player can unlock. Another feature of the game is Mae’s dream sequences.  In these dreams, the player will be able to encounter out of the world experience and magical characters.

The game developers, before Night In The Woods’ initial release, made two mini-games available through a pay what you want to scheme and is still available for download. These mini-games are also starring Night In The Woods’ main characters. They are assumed to be the prequels or what the developers call ‘supplemental’ to the game. These are named Longest Night and Lost Constellation.  The game touches on a lot of topics mostly about queerness and mental health which has been gaining positive feedback to a lot of reviewers recently.


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