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Project CARS

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Quick Overview

Drive the fastest and most powerful cars in the most demanding race tracks of the world.

  • Developers: Slightly Mad Studios
  • Publishers: Slightly Mad Studios
  • Initial release date: 2015
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • License: Commercial

Project CARS is a motorsport simulator racing video game developed and published by Slightly Mad Studios, who were also the creators behind titles such as Need for Speed: Shift (2009), for the Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, and was released for these platforms on different fates. The Microsoft Windows version if the game was released in North America on 6 May 2015 while the Australian and Japanese versions were released on 8 May 2015, just two days later. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game were released in Australia on 7 May 2015, while the North American and European versions were released 8 May and 12 May respectively of the same year.

Project CARS is a racing simulator that puts reality over everything else. In Project CARS, players won’t get the satisfaction of exploding cars that result after a takedown, or the auditory pleasure of music blaring in the background, because it was not designed this way. Project CARS will, however, reward players with the satisfaction of winning the match and putting the race tracks under their control.

Players have a wide variety of cars to choose from in Project CARS. The gallery includes authentic cars from reputed and popular brands, from the Renault Clio to the GT3 cars. Players can customize these cars as they wish and achieve their dream look racing across the tracks in a bundle of fury and speed. Project CARS utilizes an extremely realistic physics engine and gameplay mechanics so that every touch of the accelerator and every push of the break is exactly how much you want it to be. This also means that speed is not the only important thing here; players’ ability to outmaneuver their opponents and use every corner in their favor will decide the outcome of the game.

Project CARS has a career mode that is entirely up to the player to decide how to go through. None of the aspects of the career mode are forced on the player and they can play it in their own style, according to their pleasure. This means that Project CARS provides a sense if in-game freedom like never before. You can choose to start from kart racing and end up in the finale starting line of the biggest tournament in the world, or not; you could just straight-off start off your career from the top. Whatever they choose is up to the player, and how they progress is not influenced by the game itself in any way.

Project CARS puts a staggering emphasis on interface and gameplay customization. You can choose the difficulty and aggressiveness of AI racers from a scale of 1-100. Players can position the HUD map wherever you wish. They can remove the steering wheel. They can tweak settings if they’re starting out as a novice. In fact, there’s so much to tweak that the interface customization ability in Project CARS is sometimes considered a gameplay aspect in itself.

A sequel to the game, most probably titled Project CARS 2 has been announced in production by the studio on their official website/blog. The actual dates of release are yet to be published.


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