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You have become an outcast and in order to be accepted into society again, you must pass through a series of competitions called the Rites. You will choose three players for your team and your goal to win is to destroy your enemies “pyre” on their side of the battlefield.

  • Developers: Supergiant Games
  • Publishers: Supergiant Games
  • Initial release date: July 25 2017
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4
  • License: Commercial

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Pyre is an action role-playing video game developed and published by Supergiant Games, the creators behind titles such as Bastion and Transistor. The game is available on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 and released in 2017.

Pyre takes place in a fantasy setting where the player assumes the role of a character being exiled from his home. On his way, the player meets three other exiles, and when they learn that the character being controlled by the player is literate, they ask him to join their party. Consequently, the character is named Reader, and he agrees to help them explore and discover locations on the land of purgatory, so that they may collectively find other people or groups on exile, and defeat them so that their soul will become pure once again. The narrative is given using text boxes with hyperlink-taped words through which more backstory can be learned and more of the lore can be explored.

The player-character, Reader, along with the other three exiles can only travel at day and must stop at night to rest. This resting period also provides the player with options to progress themselves, for example, gain new skills and become stronger. Players can scavenge for supplies to be better equipped for battle, learn about the world’s lore to better adjust their strategies or mentor the other exiles to make them more powerful and proficient in battle.

While moving through these lands the player will encounter other groups of exiles, whom they must battle in a lane formation called the Rite, which activates automatically. The Rite is a three-lane battlefield where the combat occurs, and the two groups are placed on two ends each with a pyre as their base. The other three exiles face off against the three exiles from the other group, and the objective of the fight is to throw a glowing orb into the enemies’ pyre, dealing damage, and doing so repeatedly to destroy the pyre completely. Each of the exiles has different innate abilities, and players must utilize them in a strategic way to win the match.  Various abilities like dashing forward are available for all the exiles. The player’s task as the Reader is to control the exiles, make them fight in a strategic way and win the match. During the night cycle, players can also increase the exiles’ abilities and strengths, and better understand them to understand their weaknesses.

Pyre is not just about action and battles. There are several survival aspects to the game, which player must consider to save resources, time and try to avoid too strong groups of exiles.

Supergiant Games have announced that the game will also feature a local multiplayer mode. In this mode, players can battle against each other using their respective teams of exiles. A global online mode has been taken into consideration by the studio, but if it will be included in the final game or any subsequent updates or patches has not been announced.


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