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RIFT – Prophecy of Ahnket

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Quick Overview

A hack-and-slash game set in the Medieval period, play as the Legion, The Chosen, or The Warborn.

  • Developers:  Trion Worlds
  • Publishers: Trion Worlds
  • Initial release date: 2017
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows
  • License: Commercial

Rift - Prophecy of Ahnket Free Download

Rift: Prophecy of Ahnket is the third major expansion of Rift MMORPG. It was originally named as Starfall Prophecy but was changed to Prophecy of Ahnket due to some legal issues. It is the first paid expansion pack ever since Rift shifted to the Free-to-play business model back in 2013. Rift wants to go back to their original business model so new and current players have to buy it before accessing the new map and features.

Rift Prophecy of Ahnket is an expansion pack, so it does not change a lot of things, but it does add several contents to the established Rift MMORPG. As usual, most improvements of an MMORPG is always at the end game, so the expansion boosted the level cap to 70 (the previous cap was 65). This gives current players to do more grinding and enjoy the additional content Prophecy of Ahnket has provided. Also, the new players can easily jump to the previous cap if they want to easily access the new content and zones.

Rift – Prophecy of Ahnket also adds more content specifically for the character customization in the end game. Players can now gain legendary powers by utilizing the unique soul system of Rift. These legendary powers can entirely change the players’’ playstyle as it adds another layer of in-depth gameplay in the end game.

Do not worry, there’s more! More guild levels and crafting tier, and new equipment type called the Eternal Items, which can. It also adds new Planar Fragments to make players’ equipment better and more powerful. Active Upgrade is also included in this expansion; it is basically side quests for upgrading your gears, as opposed for the usual fetch this rare specific item to upgrade the equipment’s cliché players usually have to go through in most MMORPGs.

One of the best major contents that are added by the Prophecy on Ahnket is the five new massive zones, which are the Tenebrean Schism, Xarth Mire, Ashenfell, Scatherran Forest and Gedio Badlands. Not only that, it also adds two new dungeons, the Temple of Ananke and Intrepid Darkening Deeps, and a new raid. Speaking of raids, the raid system has been totally upgraded. Players can now easily participate raids with the improved Raid System. Individual loots and rewards are much better as players have a high chance to get the best items for their characters.

PVP in Rift has never been better until Rift – Prophecy of Ahnket introduces the very first Fortress Sieges. It means players can join huge open-world battles, which is an amazing way to test your character against a group of different players. The siege may range from solo to group battles. Players can now finally do instant adventures with the new Rift Assault Adventures.

The most technical update in this expansion is that it introduces the new 64-bit client and the newly implemented True Multicore Support. Most players do not really care about this stuff, but it definitely increases the stability of frame rates and the game itself by 50%. It is a great improvement for a game that is around for so long.


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