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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

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Quick Overview

As a soldier fighting in vietnam, you will fight with realistic mechanics and combat. You must use teamwork to overcome the enemy. You can make use of era-specific weapons, including automatic and semi-automatic rifles, artillery, flamethrowers and machine guns.

  • Developers: Antimatter Games, Tripwire Interactive
  • Publishers: Tripwire Interactive, Iceberg Interactive
  • Initial release date: May 30, 2017
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows.
  • License: Commercial.

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As it’s embedded in their game designs, Tripwire and Antimatter Games have once again proved they are among the elite in PC games production. The action packed game is orchestrated in the tough turf of Vietnam. This game offers a unique perspective on the rest of the battlefield games. It generates military chaos that needs to be resolved by commanders and squad leaders. The authenticity of the game is mind-boggling that more often than not you’ll be engrossed in it trying to quench your thirst for your next kill.

For beginners, the game might be a little frustrating. Don’t lose hope though. Keep playing. The challenging bit is the realistic aspect of one shot; one kill mainly from imperceptible enemies. Moreover, there’s the aspect of being able to kill your allies which in most cases will end up with shouts on your chat. However, these are small obstacles that when mustered, a master you will be in the game.

The game can handle up to 64 players. Its three distinct game modes involve both Vietnamese and American soldiers with objectives on large, varied maps. A wonderful rhythm has been integrated into the game. You can take cover and hunker down thereby creating a standoff with your adversary. Consequently, one soldier will make a break and move to the next line of cover as your teammates provide suppressing fire. The combat, in most cases, occurs between a mid- to- long range distance till you get to the control point: after which hide and seek begins.

Mechanics of the game

The game mechanics have been well integrated to create a tense gaming ambiance that encourages slow and steady movement. Therefore, the sudden surge in adrenaline when making running bursts creates an action experience. For instance, when you are in cover your gun’s aim will stabilize automatically which inherently provides you with space for a clear shot.

The Commander

As aforementioned, the commander has a critical role in coaxing a victory. It’s therefore not surprising that the commander’s role defines this game. The commander has the capability of turning the tide on the battlefield. He can call down the napalm and similarly send a spy plane that highlights the enemies on the map. Commanders raise the game’s experience and further ignite the fun ‘fuel.’

Some of the game’s drawbacks

The game has its niggles. In some instances, the servers fail, and you can find yourself crawling through solid objects and teammates. Additionally, the helicopters that were to be included in the game have been limited to a few maps.

Besides this, players have raised a concern about the game’s longevity. Since it’s reliant on positioning, most of the fights will gravitate to the same cover points. Similarly, you can’t move around aimlessly as you’ll be a target. The confined movement and less diverse will often create a notion of been there, done that.

Despite this, the game is such a spectacle, and I earnestly believe that you’ll enjoy the gameplay. Have fun as you play!


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