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Quick Overview

You are given a mission to scavenge a planet on the far end of the universe but when you get there you are welcomed by hungry aliens and monsters. You alone with your weapon will combat these terrifying creatures as you try to survive and escape this planet.

  • Developers: Pixel Titans
  • Publishers: Devolver Digital
  • Initial release date: May 9, 2017
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 4
  • License: Commercial

With STRAFE, players will experience a full FPS action game set in a horror-esque setting.

STRAFE is a first-person shooter action videogame developed by Pixel Titans studios and published by Devolver Digital studios for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 on May 9, 2017 worldwide. Strafe is based on the Unity engine. Strafe has been noted to be Virtual Reality head-mounted display Oculus Rift enabled, meaning that players will be able to experience a sense of realism and immersion like never before. Strafe also features dynamic blood animations (the amount of blood and position will depend dynamically on where the player has been hit) as well as digital gravity. Strafe is a typical FPS game in terms of the gameplay mechanics.


STRAFE features a single-player storyline, in which players take on the role of a “scrapper”, a space explorer who goes into unknown territories of the Universe to find loots and make a living. This scrapper goes into an abandoned ship called Icarus, located in the far corners of the Universe in a scavenging mission, but as soon as he gets there he realizes something is amiss. There is an alien infestation. Now players must survive using the weapons in a hostile world by combating the alien threat and escaping safely out of the ship.


Players have a vast arsenal of varying weapons at their disposal. The types of weapons range from shotguns to machine guns and railguns, each with different stats, strengths and weaknesses. For example, a shotgun has huge attack power but takes longer to attack and reload, while a machine gun fires multiple rounds per second but has less attack power per bullet. Each weapon also has a drawback to counterbalance their attacks, like the shotgun needing to be used from mid-range to close range, while the machine gun severely restricts movements. This lets players use strategy to beat their opponents, not just firepower.  Weapons are also upgradeable, and these upgrades are available for purchase from merchants that appear throughout the game. Upgrades for weapons range from increasing the number of rounds fired per second to decreasing the reload time. Customizations are also available for the weapons, in terms of their appearance.


In Strafe, players play in levels that are semi-procedurally generated, in which a set of rooms are pulled from a pool and are arranged randomly. Assets like enemies, upgrades for weapons and the merchants from whom to buy them are also randomly placed throughout the level. This makes sure than no one level is identical to the other, and that every other player has a different gaming experience from others: in every game in Strafe, your gaming experience will be unique.

With so many games in the same genre recycling the same formula over and over, Strafe attempts to be something unique and stand out from the crowd, with a lot of effort being put into gameplay mechanics, level designs and action combat.


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