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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III

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Quick Overview

Enter the grim darkness of the far future… there you will find only war. By giving players three Elites to control, you feel like you must take on the whole world yourself.

  • Developers: Relic Entertainment
  • Publishers: Sega
  • Initial release date: April 27, 2017
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
  • License: Commercial

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Dawn of War III is an RTS video developed by Relic Entertainment and published by Sega (in partnership with Games Workshop) for the Windows, Linus, and Mac. The game was officially released worldwide on April 2017.

The story starts off when the weapon the Spear of Khaine, is discovered on the lost planet of Acheron where the three factions of the game are. These factions are the Blood Ravens Space Marines led by the legendary commander Gabriel Angelos, the Eldar Macha led by the Farseer Macha, and an Ork horde led by Warboss Gorgutz. The story focuses mainly on war, betrayal, and factions fighting over a mysterious spear which is essentially the core of Warhammer games. However, the game became a lot more interesting as it lets you play all of the three different factions in the 17-mission campaign. Unlike the old Dawn of War where you’re only limited to one faction, each faction gives you different types of

However, the game allows you play all of the three different factions in the 17-mission campaign. Unlike the old Dawn of War where you’re only limited to one faction, each faction gives you different types of missions which make the game feel less repetitive. The downside to this, though, is that instead of playing each faction individually, the player is thrown back and forth between different factions. In one mission, you’re part of the Space Marines with the epic Gabriel, the next you’re a sorcerer’s apprentice on Eldar, and then you’re part of the green tribe of Orks. It would have been better if they allowed the player finish all of the missions in one faction first before going on to the next. But the long missions and unique objectives more than compensate for this – at least you’ll have more playtime than any other RTS video-game.

The three main factions include:

  • The Space Marines: These are elite units which march down the battlefield with their huge armor and giant weapons. Taking down the enemy Orks and Eldar is a piece of cake with the help of Gabriel’s giant Warhammer.
  • The Eldars: This faction focuses more on the defensive aspect of combat. Their units have rechargeable shields and ranged spells. It is preferable to use the hit-and-run tactic as they have low health and can easily get killed. Their main asset is that they can teleport their bases away from the battlefield rather than building a new one.
  • Orks: This faction has its own unique way of being funny and annoying. They can upgrade themselves by using the scraps from ruined buildings or basically from trash. It’s also fun to activate their WAAAGH Towers which plays epic music that increases the Orks attack speed and boosts your morale.

Dawn of War 3 also features a multiplayer mode where players can use various skins for each faction, different chapters for the Space Marines, alternate Craftworlds for the Eldar, and different clans for the Orks. There are three different modes in multiplayer, 3v3, 2v2, and 1v1 where players can build their own base, create strategies, and plan attacks against their enemies. An issue with the multiplayer mode is that most matches are just about players saving up resources on their base until they earn enough to use Elite units, which are the strongest unit in the game. The main strategy in multiplayer is usually keeping the enemy’s Elite at bay while you destroy their structures. Since Elites are always on the offensive, playing defensively is not going to do you well both on the battlefield and for your teammates.

It can be said that Dawn of War III isn’t the best game in the franchise, but it is still an interesting game especially considering the new factions which you can play. So what do you think of Dawn of War III? Which faction do you like best?


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