What Remains of Edith Finch

What Remains of Edith Finch

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Quick Overview

By playing the role of Edith, you will find out what happened to each member of her perennially unlucky family. Explore the history of her family and try to figure out why she’s the last Finch left alive.

  • Developers: Giant Sparrow
  • Publishers: Annapurna Interactive
  • Initial release date: April 25, 2017
  • Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4.
  • License: Commercial

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Games in most cases have not been known to evoke emotions that compel the player to tears. Well, this game has taken this direction. The plot etched in moments of bitterness is bound to take you on a journey that ends in acceptance. Moreover, the defining moral of the plot is echoed by the words of Sir Winston Churchill: Never give up! The characters keep pushing on despite knowledge of what to expect in the future.

Similarly, the uniqueness of the game is amplified further by the presence of short stories making the entire design of the game. This is a different approach that will definitely spark interest than the usual one- story based plot. The stories focus on the death of a different member of the Finch family. The characters in each story are designed to feel and be different from the rest. This impeccable direction of the whole storyline generates the hunger and desire of one more hour of gameplay before bedtime. The game experience sure does leave a lasting impression.


The first three stories explained


She is the main character of the first story. It’s quite strange and relatively hard to demystify. The death of Molly is explained in her journal. Edith finds the journal placed on her cupboard. In it, Molly is seen being denied food and locked in her bedroom. In her quest to fill her hunger, she turns into a cat which chases a bird, a shark that hunts down a seal, an owl swooping after rabbits and ultimately she morphs into a sea monster that devours on humans. Mysteriously, she returns to her room where she writes of these experiences as the monster lies in wait for her beneath her bed.


His story is simple to comprehend and marks the beginning of the Finch family and how they grew. Edith explains her death through images that narrate of how he flees Europe from a family curse. The curse was due to his house being wrecked at the Washington coast and drowning subsequently drowning. Edie, his daughter, Molly and Sven, Edie’s husband survive and they begin the building of the house explored by Edith. He is the first family member to be buried in the family cemetery.


This is one of Edith’s grandparents who passed on when they were quite young. Calvin’s story is one of the most compelling in the game. It’s narrated by his brother Sam through a poem. He dies when his only 11 years. The character dies when swinging. He gets flung from the swing to towards the sea and hits the rocks below. He dies trying to face his fears.


Some drawbacks

Despite its poignant storyline, it feels quite short and the gameplay feels limited. Other than the labyrinth and the secret passageways of the house, the game is wanting. Due to the different stories being told, there’s an absence of fluidity. However, in spite of this, the game promises you thrill and an emotional rollercoaster.


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